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Mojo Networks

The Mojo cloud managed platform enables a complete workflow for wireless access, security and engagement that leverages a purpose-built cloud architecture to produce enterprise-grade wireless networks for every application required, and ensures high reliability through an approach that is automated, scalable, secure and cost effective.

Built with the latest cloud technology and innovations that overcome the limitations of older cloud, controller-less and controller-based solutions, the Mojo Cloud delivers simplicity, reliability, security, scalability and extensibility without compromising on the advanced features expected of an enterprise-grade WiFi solution. And if that wasn't enough, it enables the industry's first cognitive WiFi solution and freedom from high-margin hardware.

The only vendor offering fully integrated futures in a single platform.


Access Control

With a suite of features to identify users, devices and applications and to control the access and privileges they get on your network, Mojo provides a comprehensive solution to enforce context-based policies and protect your network from abuse in today’s world of BYOD and IoT.

Cognition Plane

Mojo Aware™ is the dawn of a new era of Cognitive WiFi that uniquely harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, machine learning, software-defined networking, and cognitive computing to deliver the best experience possible to WiFi users, to give network IT staff their life back and to reduce network operational costs by at least half.

Guest Access

Mojo Networks provides a complete guest WiFi solution with reliable WiFi access, a menu of options to onboard guest WiFi users—including integration with social networks and other third-party systems; in-built templates to simply design stunningly beautiful splash pages and other content without any Web development; firewall to segregate guest traffic and prevent access to the corporate or internal networks; enforcement of guest WiFi security policies using role based control and industry’s best WIPS; SSID scheduling and traffic shaping to limit guest access; and guest WiFi analytics.

Mojo Cloud Integration Point

Mojo’s Cloud Integration Point (CIP) securely connects on-premise services such as Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), Syslog, and ArcSight with Mojo Cloud to exchange information.

Mojo Cloud: the unified platform for your wireless infrastructure

A centralized management plane remarkably simplifies how you manage WiFi networks. A flexible data plane gives you the choice of how your WiFi networks should switch data and let’s you take advantage of the cloud regardless of how your network is designed. A distributed control plane enables enterprise WiFi features without the scalability issues of older architectures. And an innovative cognition plane automates WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting to optimize the WiFi user experience and minimize the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for network access and performance issues.

Multi-function 3rd Radio

A dedicated dual-band 2x2 third radio provides granular RF visibility, 24/7 wireless security and advanced client emulation, spectrum analysis and troubleshooting capabilities, not possible with background scanning, while allowing the access radios to deliver premium performance for real-time applications in high-density environments. The multi-function third radio also significantly reduces the deployment cost by avoiding the need for overlay dedicated sensors and the additional cabling that comes with them.

Software Disaggregation

Mojo Networks is driving open networking innovation in the WiFi industry to liberate enterprise networks from vendor lock-in, proprietary hardware and high margins. Software disaggregation—breaking dependency between software and hardware—is the first necessary step towards realizing this vision. Mojo customers and partners are already benefitting from Mojo’s software disaggregation in the form of significant cost savings.

Visual Packet Trace Analysis

The intelligent cognition plane of the Mojo Cloud architecture largely automates WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting. In the rare occasion where a packet capture is necessary for a deeper analysis, Mojo Packets, the cloud-based visual WiFi packet analyzer, simplifies packet trace analysis via progressive visualization of Wi-Fi connections and visual coding of Wi-Fi frames, providing insights otherwise not readily available when sifting through thousands of packets in Wireshark or similar tools.

WiFi Analytics

WiFi analytics based on presence and behavior of WiFi devices can provide significant business intelligence, and can help multiple functions, e.g., marketing (A/B testing of storefront displays, measure ROI of marketing campaigns, context-based guest engagement), operations (staff planning, optimize facility utilization), and IT (network planning and design based on user density). The Mojo Cloud delivers anonymous analytics based on WiFi device MAC addresses collected from probe requests, content analytics and application visibility based on WiFi connections, and engagement analytics based on WiFi users who opt in and choose to share their personal information.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention

Mojo AirTight, the industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) provides the most comprehensive protection from wireless vulnerabilities and threats. Based on patented behavioral techniques, Mojo AirTight uniquely automates wireless threat detection while minimizing false alarms and enables surgical wireless threat prevention both over the air and on the wire. It comes built-in with the Mojo WiFi access solution or can be deployed as an overlay on top of any WiFi network. Trusted by federal agencies, top companies, education institutes and carriers worldwide, Mojo AirTight is the only WIPS:

  • Ranked at the top by Gartner in all its six MarketScope reports on WIPS
  • NIAP EAL2+ certified for Common Criteria
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • First to be listed on the DISA UC APL


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