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Integrating directly into the Security Analytics Platform, the Blue Coat ThreatBLADES use a cloud-based threat intelligence infrastructure powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense Cloud—leveraging the collaborative ‘network effect’ of more than 75 million users.

WebThreat BLADE, FileThreat BLADE, and MalwareAnalysis BLADE provide a powerful and unified solution that delivers maximum protection against zero-day attacks, APTs, Web 2.0 threats, spear phishing attacks, malicious files, botnets and more.

  • The Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE-powered by the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network-delivers comprehensive detection and protection against web-based threats, APT command-and-control (CnC) call-backs, botnets and more. The WebThreat BLADE incorporates IP and URL reputation and threat intelligence-as well as the dynamic indexing of all URLs into policy-based categories such as News, Sports, Business and more.
  • The Blue Coat MailThreat BLADE detects, classifies and safely analyzes email-based threats that are missed by traditional messaging security gateway solutions. It allows enterprises to quickly and accurately identify zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats and other malicious code embedded within email attachments-including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, Java files, EXE files and more. The MailThreat BLADE performs comprehensive analysis on all email traffic-including SMTP, POP3, IMAP and webmail.
  • The Blue Coat FileThreat BLADE-powered by the Global Intelligence Network-delivers real-time file reputation intelligence to guard against known viruses and malware embedded within virtually any file type. This innovative solution leverages the Solera Security Analytics Platform's real-time file extraction capability to reconstruct files based on pre-defined rules-while its machine-learning engine conducts dynamic analysis to detect advanced threats.
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