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Centrify Achieves Another Year of Record Sales and Accelerated Growth
Centrify grew its customer installed base by more than 1,000 to a total of more than 4,500 overall customers, the largest share in its segment within the security market.
Centrify бьет рекорды по объемам продаж и темпу роста
Число клиентов Centrify превысило четыре с половиной тысячи, сделав компанию крупнейшим серьезным игроком отрасли информационной безопасности.
Centrify Delivers Windows Privilege Management to Mitigate Internal Threats to Systems On-Premise and in the Cloud
New Centrify Suite 2013 Uniquely Helps Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements and Reduce Costs for the Broadest Set of Cloud and On-Premise Platforms.

Integrated cloud app and mobile management. SSO for cloup apps and automated license management

Cloud and mobile apps are quickly forcing their way into the enterprise, facilitating employee productivity, but exposing business-critical data. Cloud apps, and the mobile devices that can access app data, are often outside of IT control.

Managing Access is the Problem

  • Too many locks - too many keys
    Managing and securing access to each individual cloud app and mobile device means managing unique accounts, passwords, and policies across hundreds - often thousands - of endpoints and apps. With so many disparate systems and devices, IT needs a single solution from which to provision users and manage access policy across all apps, from any device, regardless of location
  • Password sprawl wastes time for IT and users
    With growing application access, users are resorting to password sharing and reuse, exposing corporate data to attacks based on compromised credentials. Compounding this issue is an exponential increase in helpdesk calls and tickets for password resets - reducing IT productivity and user satisfaction.
  • User productivity leads to IT inefficiency
    With dozens - or hundreds - of apps in use, controlling which users have access to specific apps becomes unmanageable. Staying on top of account provisioning is not only cumbersome, but leads to security holes and failed compliance audits if terminated employees have access to corporate apps and data after they leave.

Identity is the Solution
Integrated cloud app and mobile management
Centrify Identity Service uniquely unifies cloud app and mobile management into an enterprise cloud service. Centrify leverages identity to secure and manage users’ access to applications from any device, regardless of location. By leveraging a single identity across cloud, mobile and onsite apps, users get a single username and password across all the apps they use for work, and IT can enforce consistent access policies based on user identity. Identity Service provides a single, simple cloud portal for app management. Users get one-click access all their apps from any device, and IT gets policy-based control, and automated provisioning and account management.


Centrify Identity Service provides security, simplicity and control. IT gets one place to manage all accounts and devices. Users get single sign-on across cloud and mobile apps from any device.


  • Eliminate the security risk of simple, reused and/or improperly managed passwords
  • Control cloud and mobile applications with identity-based policy across apps and devices
  • Enable secure, remote access to on-premises apps — without the risks and hassles of VPNs
  • Implement a secure BYOD policy with Centrify’s integrated Mac and mobile device management. Secure the Centrify app on mobile devices by unlocking with NFC, PIN, passcode or fingerprint.


  • Automate account provisioning/deprovisioning and licensing entitlements for business apps
  • Eliminate separate policy silos. Integrate management of cloud, mobile and onsite apps
  • Reduce helpdesk tickets for password resets, app requests, and device management, with user self service and automated workflows


  • Prove ROI and show compliance with granular app and device reporting
  • Enforce user policy from a single authoritative source, applied across devices, apps, and locations
  • Control access using Active Directory, LDAP, Google Directory, Cloud Directory, external users, or any combination
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