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Centrify Achieves Another Year of Record Sales and Accelerated Growth
Centrify grew its customer installed base by more than 1,000 to a total of more than 4,500 overall customers, the largest share in its segment within the security market.
Centrify бьет рекорды по объемам продаж и темпу роста
Число клиентов Centrify превысило четыре с половиной тысячи, сделав компанию крупнейшим серьезным игроком отрасли информационной безопасности.
Centrify Delivers Windows Privilege Management to Mitigate Internal Threats to Systems On-Premise and in the Cloud
New Centrify Suite 2013 Uniquely Helps Organizations Meet Compliance Requirements and Reduce Costs for the Broadest Set of Cloud and On-Premise Platforms.

Access and Password Management for the Modern Enterprise.

IT organizations are increasingly required to manage hybrid deployments that combine cloud-based and data center infrastructure. IT admins, both internal and outsourced, need to login from inside and outside of the corporate perimeter. In order to meet these challenges, IT organizations that share privileged accounts need an access and password management solution built for the modern enterprise to increase security, simplify compliance and control remote access to servers and network equipment.

Privileged Accounts Hold the Keys to the Kingdom

Security breaches are all over the news. Caused by both malicious insiders as well as hackers, they use Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to take advantage of poorly managed privileged accounts and a lack of additional security measures such as multi-factor authentication. The proliferation of privileged accounts beyond the data center to cloud-based infrastructure further amplifies the complexities of securing privileged access to critical servers and network equipment.

Organizations need to control and monitor privileged accounts and access while improving IT productivity for both internal and outsourced IT in today's modern enterprise. Implementing a least privilege access model, auditing and associating privileged activity to an individual, securely managing shared privileges and providing comprehensive regulatory compliance reporting are at the root of reducing threats, intentional or not. Costeffectively meeting regulatory mandates as a part of doing business

  • Eliminate identity-related risks associated with shared accounts
  • Flexible deployment choices include a cloud service, or managing the solution entirely within your own data center or IaaS deployment. • Mitigate the risks of granting full VPN access
  • Secure privileged access for outsourced IT
  • Lower TCO with a single, integrated solution
  • Granular Control without a VPN
    Centrify Privilege Service™ provides all of your IT administration teams with secure, granular access to infrastructure regardless of location, and without the hassles of a VPN.

    • Secure browser-based access
    • Access across organizational boundaries
    • Grant access to specific resources
    • Access from any location
  • Control Shared Access to Privileged Accounts
    Centrify Privilege Service gives you control over shared accounts. Regardless of where your server and network infrastructure is located — on-premises or in the cloud — Privilege Service gives your IT admins secure, always-on access to critical shared account passwords, while giving you control over who has access, which account passwords they have access to, and how those passwords are managed.

    • Reduce deployment and management costs 
    • Secure checkout of account passwords 
    • Automatic password resets
    • Remote sessions using shared accounts
    • Control access globally, per-resource, and per-account
  • Reinforce Secure Access to Critical Systems
    Privilege Service works with Centrify Server Suite® to provide an extra layer of security to protect against hackers by configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IT administrators who access UNIX and Linux systems and require elevated privileges.
  • Self-service Privileged Access Request
    Minimize your attack surface with governed access to privileged account credentials and remote sessions. Keep control with request and approval workflows, time-bound access and privileged session monitoring. Capture who requested access and who approved it, and easily reconcile approved access with actual access for privileged access governance.
  • Secure, Encrypt and Manage Application Passwords
    Prevent cyberattacks that target privileged account credentials and streamline operations by eliminating hard-coded, plain text account passwords from scripts and applications. Applications and scripts authenticate and retrieve passwords securely without human intervention, enabling organizations to meet compliance and security policies.
  • Monitor Privileged Sessions
    Consistently monitor privileged sessions, whether using shared accounts or user accounts with privilege elevation, for servers and network devices, both on-premises and cloud-based. An audit add-on to Privilege Service provides gateway-based session monitoring, the ability to watch and terminate suspicious sessions and session reporting while Server Suite offers full host-based privileged session monitoring for additional security.
  • Secure, encrypted storage for your data
    Privilege Service securely stores all your user, resource, account, and password information. Privilege Service also offers integrated support for customers using Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure key management appliances to secure and encrypted storage of account passwords.
  • Identity Management for Privileged Users
    Privilege Service complements Server Suite by delivering secure managed access and shared account password management for onpremises servers and network equipment as well as Infrastructureas-a-Service (IaaS). Together they constitute Centrify’s identity management for privileged users solution, which reduces the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface and auditing all privileged sessions.
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