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MobileIron Supports Windows Phone 8 Apps and Devices
MobileIron customers will be able to secure and manage Windows Phone 8 apps and devices without the need for third party tools.
ForeScout and MobileIron Partner on Integrated NAC and Mobile IT Architecture to Enable Strong Security for Enterprise BYOD
ForeScout and MobileIron announced that they are partnering to deliver a complete multi-layered security system for Enterprise BYOD.
ForeScout и MobileIron объединились для обеспечения беспрецедентного уровня корпоративной безопасности в условиях BYOD
Ведущий разработчик в области контроля сетевого доступа и мировой лидер рынка MDM решений сообщили о совместной работе над единой многоуровневой системой безопасности, которая разрешит противоречия между требованиями защиты корпоративных данных и принципами BYOD.

The MobileIron Connected Cloud is a mobile device management solution that can be fully integrated and operational in less than an hour. Once this step is done the IT can begin bringing mobile devices in management and distributing mobile apps using MobileIron’s Enterprise App Storefront, without losing enterprise-grade security. The MobileIron Connected Cloud gives companies around the world a highly scalable infrastructure enabling the IT to support everything from initial pilots to tens of thousands of devices.

The MobileIron Connected Cloud is the only cloudbased mobile device management solution to offer real-time integration with existing enterprise resources. The cloud service provides visibility into data on and posture of a smart device, enabling both IT and end-users to better secure corporate data without compromising privacy. The integration with on-premise enterprise resources enables you to plug securely into your existing IT infrastructure to start managing and securing smart devices within hours.

What distinguishes the MobileIron Connected Cloud is its ability to easily integrate with on-premise enterprise systems, such as ActiveSync servers and corporate directories. As a result the MobileIron Connected Cloud delivers the most efficient and secure cloudbased mobile device management solution.

MobileIron Connected Cloud components:

  • Advanced Management - gains multi-OS mobile operations under control.
  • Mobile Activity Intelligence reduces wireless bills.
  • MyPhone@Work - serves like the enterprise app storefront, expands user experience, self-governance and improves productivity

Connected Cloud Technology:

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