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VASCO adds virtual appliance to its IDENTIKEY product range
VASCO IDENTIKEY Virtual appliance offers unmatched remote access security.
Компания VASCO объявила о выходе виртуальной версии IDENTIKEY
VASCO IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance – непревзойденная защита удаленного доступа для организаций, которые хотят переместить свою инфраструктуру безопасности в виртуальную среду.
VASCO launches DIGIPASS 870 and updates MYDIGIPASS.COM platform
DIGIPASS 870 is a USB connectable card reader which can be used in both connected and unconnected mode. The enhanced version of MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication platform for consumers will have more attractive design, additional innovative features and a new go-to-market strategy.

IDENTIKEY Server is an authentication software suite for organizations of all sizes that want to address their concerns about secure access with a state-of-the-art solution.

IDENTIKEY Server 3.4 is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to help authenticate remote and local users accessing the corporate network. Using an individually assigned DIGIPASS authenticator, remote and local users will be able to proof their claimed identity quickly and easily through a dynamically generated one-time password (OTP). In a similar way, electronic signatures can be generated and used for secure validation of financial transactions.

IDENTIKEY Server offers strong authentication and validation of transaction signatures with support of EMV-CAP to address the need for e-signatures in commercial and banking web-based applications, such as online shops, B2B portals and online retail banking applications. The optional HSM support allows OTP and signature validation inside a tamper-proof security module. IDENTIKEY Server is full PCI-DSS compliant and can immediately be integrated into existing banking infrastructures.


Easy to implement strong user authentication

VACMAN core technology: proven at major banks worldwide

Designed to fit the needs of an organization of any size

Easy to install, administer and support  

Easy to integrate in existing infrastructure  

Seamless solution: use existing infrastructure  

High availability through server replication and load balancing

Extremely low TCO "total cost of ownership"

"Out-of-the-box" solution, flexible to allow custom integration

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