Multi-function 3rd Radio

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Secure Wi-Fi networks in the Fairmont Hotel
March 16, 2012 - the deal for AirTight was completed; its security solution SpectraGuard was implemented at the first-class hotel, Fairmont Hotel in Baku with the companies headtechnology Azerbaijan and BestComp Group.
Безопасность Wi-Fi сетей в Fairmont Hotel
16 марта 2012 года завершилась сделка по AirTight, решение по безопасности которого SpectraGuard было внедрено в отеле первого класса в Баку мировой сети Fairmont Hotel с помощью компаний headtechnology Azerbaijan и BestComp Group.
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have become partners!
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

A dedicated dual-band 2x2 third radio provides granular RF visibility, 24/7 wireless security and advanced client emulation, spectrum analysis and troubleshooting capabilities, not possible with background scanning, while allowing the access radios to deliver premium performance for real-time applications in high-density environments. The multi-function third radio also significantly reduces the deployment cost by avoiding the need for overlay dedicated sensors and the additional cabling that comes with them.

  • Client emulation and network profiling
    Experience your network before your users do and stay ahead of the game. Turn the third radio into a client and run tests to identify and fix problems before users experience them and validate your network's readiness for supporting business-critical applications.
  • Packet capture and troubleshooting
    The intelligent cognition plane of the Mojo cloud architecture largely automates WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting. In the rare occasion where a packet capture is necessary for a deeper analysis, the third radio can be used to capture a packet trace. Packet traces can be downloaded or directly visualized in Mojo Packets, the cloud-based visual WiFi packet analyzer.
  • Intelligent RF optimizations
    The third radio dedicated for scanning provides unparalleled visibility in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and enables automatic RF optimizations such as band steering, smart steering, auto channel selection or auto transmit power control, delivering best performance.
  • 24/7 wireless intrusion prevention
    WiFi access radios repurposed for background scanning slows detection of wireless threats and precludes over-the-air prevention, leading to security gaps. But with the third radio acting as a dedicated wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) sensor, wireless threats are detected and blocked almost instantly and your network is protected 24/7 without the need for overlay sensors. The industry's top-ranked WIPS technology, powered by patented techniques such as Marker PacketsTM, automatically and accurately classifies wireless threats and enables surgical over-the-air prevention.
  • Spectrum analysis
    The third radio can also be used as a spectrum analyzer to detect WiFi and non-WiFi sources of interference, check channel quality, channel crowding and airtime utilization to ensure that your WiFi network operation is optimum.
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