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FlowMon APM agent-less monitoring of all user transactions. Designed for web-based HTTP/HTTPS, MSSQL, Oracle applications.

Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution proactively monitors critical applications from the end user perspective, with no agents on servers, no changes in configuration.

With Flowmon APM you can start transparent application monitoring in a matter of minutes. Understand how every application behaves to every user in real-time with analysis of application protocols and communication between application and database servers. Flowmon APM automatically identifies performance problems, reveals root causes and provides IT operations with deep-insight diagnostics to drive user experience and application value.


  • Agentless solution for transparent application monitoring
  • Manages application delivery chain from end to end.
  • Distinguish between network/application/database issues and optimize user experience.
  • Easy to install
  • A pre-configured set of tools and reports provide immediate understanding of application behaviour.
  • Hard data for capacity planning and infrastructure upgrade.
  • Ease of use via intuitive GUI
  • Priceless APM Index.
  • Comprehensive set of tools for effective troubleshooting
  • Monitor applications based on HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Database application monitoring
  • Troubleshoot application performance issues
  • Enhance customer and internal user satisfaction
  • Measure and report service level agreements (SLA), declare QoS
  • Receive hard data for infrastructure upgrade
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