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Due to their destructive nature and ability to affect networks with ease DDoS attacks have become especially worrisome to any business running web applications. Flowmon DDoS Defender puts advanced artificial intelligence between your critical systems and criminals. Without any changes in infrastructure, in a matter of minutes, network and security engineers will have up-and-running active DDoS protection.

Unavailability of a critical customer application or a crash of the internal system as consequence of a DDoS attack can cause financial loss, reputation damage or security risks. Are you ready for DDoS?

Flowmon DDoS Defender is a scalable anti-DDoS solution. It leverages statistics from routers or dedicated network probes with an advanced network traffic analysis for real-time detection of volumetric attacks led against HTTP/HTTPS applications and systems. It provides the state of the art detection of DDoS, deep understanding of attack characteristics and a full-range of methods for successful attack mitigation.


  • Utilize different methods of traffic diversion (PBR, BGP, RTBH, Flowspec) and advanced script triggering.
  • Mitigate DDoS by using BGP
  • Observes and learns the traffic characteristics
  • Define segments, rules, utilize dynamic baselining and intelligent adaptive thresholds.
  • Identifies the attack
  • In a matter of minutes runs an active anti-DDos protection.
  • Comprehensive reporting and immediate alerting.
  • Robust and versatile architecture allows the protection of any environment with the collection of flow statistics.
  • Capable of protecting even 100G networks.
  • Can be easily deployed with Scrubbing centres or with a specialized out-of-band mitigation solution.
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