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WiFi analytics based on presence and behavior of WiFi devices can provide significant business intelligence, and can help multiple functions, e.g., marketing (A/B testing of storefront displays, measure ROI of marketing campaigns, context-based guest engagement), operations (staff planning, optimize facility utilization), and IT (network planning and design based on user density). The Mojo Cloud delivers anonymous analytics based on WiFi device MAC addresses collected from probe requests, content analytics and application visibility based on WiFi connections, and engagement analytics based on WiFi users who opt in and choose to share their personal information.

  • Presence Analytics
    Presence analytics provide anonymous, statistical information about the footfall (number of WiFi devices detected), dwell time (duration for which WiFi devices are present) and repeat versus new customers. The trends can be viewed at a particular site or aggregated across multiple sites, and across different time periods: intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and year-over-year.
  • Zone Analytics
    Zone analytics provide insight into the density and flow of WiFi users by visualizing it on a floor map. This allows you to monitor how the various parts of a facility are populated over a period of time. Zones can be demarcated as a region around WiFi APs on a floor map.
  • Engagement Analytics
    Integration with social networks and third-party loyalty systems can be leveraged to collect demographics and other information from WiFi users who opt in to share their personal details. This in turn can be used to engage with the opt-in WiFi users, e.g., retail business can provide special deals to their loyal customers and convert them into brand ambassadors.
  • Content Analytics
    Web analytics and application visibility based on deep packet inspection can provide insight into WiFi usage pattern and allow you to enforce policies in terms of the type of content or applications that can or cannot be accessed based on the type of WiFi network (e.g., employee vs. guest) and user privileges (e.g., students vs. teachers) and assign the desired quality of service.
  • Third Party Integration
    Powerful Web APIs allow you to export WiFi analytics from the Mojo WiFi APs or the Mojo Cloud to third-party systems or implement applications to consume the APIs and pull the WiFi analytics from the Mojo Cloud. WiFi analytics can be exported in real time or periodically on demand.


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