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Mojo AirTight, the industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) provides the most comprehensive protection from wireless vulnerabilities and threats. Based on patented behavioral techniques, Mojo AirTight uniquely automates wireless threat detection while minimizing false alarms and enables surgical wireless threat prevention both over the air and on the wire. It comes built-in with the Mojo WiFi access solution or can be deployed as an overlay on top of any WiFi network. Trusted by federal agencies, top companies, education institutes and carriers worldwide, Mojo AirTight is the only WIPS:

  • Ranked at the top by Gartner in all its six MarketScope reports on WIPS
  • NIAP EAL2+ certified for Common Criteria
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • First to be listed on the DISA UC APL


  • Automatic Device Classification
    Based on your policy for authorized WLAN, Mojo AirTight can automatically classify detected WiFi devices as Authorized, External, Guest and Rogue. Unlike other error-prone techniques, Mojo AirTight uses patented Marker Packets™ techniques to ascertain whether or not an unauthorized WiFi device is on the corporate network to classify it as a Rogue device. This enables fastest and most accurate detection of Rogue APs.
  • Comprehensive Threat Coverage
    Mojo AirTight provides the most comprehensive protection from wireless threats, including most types of Rogue APs, unauthorized client connections, ad-hoc connections, misbehaving clients, Honeypot or Evil Twin, MAC spoofing, and DoS attacks. Live alerts provide real-time notifications about the type and severity of threats.
  • Automatic Policy Enforcement
    Powered with accurate and automated WiFi device classification and threat detection, Mojo AirTight can enforce WiFi and no-WiFi policies without human intervention. Using a suite of context-based wired and wireless prevention techniques, Mojo AirTight can not only block unauthorized WiFi connections to your corporate network, but also block corporate WiFi client devices from misbehaving, e.g., connecting to unauthorized WiFi, without harming or disrupting legitimate neighboring WiFi networks.
  • Location Tracking
    Powered with Mojo's patented location tracking technology that uses a combination of stochastic RF fingerprinting and triangulation, Mojo AirTight provides industry's most accurate location tracking. Pinpointing the physical location of a WiFi device on a floor map allows you to track down and take action against WiFi devices violating corporate security policies. The technique is self-calibrating and does not require RF site surveys.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Mojo AirTight can be used to define and cordon off specific physical areas, e.g., No-WiFi zones, SCIF, and alert security teams if WiFi devices are detected inside or within a pre-defined proximity of the protected area, configured in terms of an RSSI threshold. Mojo AirTight can also automatically quarantine such WiFi devices to block any communication with them and track their physical location on a floor map.
  • Compliance Reporting
    The various wireless vulnerabilities and threats are mapped to the specific security requirements defined in government and industry regulations such as DoD 8100.02, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. Pre-canned compliance audit reports based on the regulatory wireless security requirements are available and can be viewed on demand or scheduled for periodic delivery.


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