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Secure Wi-Fi networks in the Fairmont Hotel
March 16, 2012 - the deal for AirTight was completed; its security solution SpectraGuard was implemented at the first-class hotel, Fairmont Hotel in Baku with the companies headtechnology Azerbaijan and BestComp Group.
Безопасность Wi-Fi сетей в Fairmont Hotel
16 марта 2012 года завершилась сделка по AirTight, решение по безопасности которого SpectraGuard было внедрено в отеле первого класса в Баку мировой сети Fairmont Hotel с помощью компаний headtechnology Azerbaijan и BestComp Group.
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have become partners!
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

A centralized management plane remarkably simplifies how you manage WiFi networks. A flexible data plane gives you the choice of how your WiFi networks should switch data and let’s you take advantage of the cloud regardless of how your network is designed. A distributed control plane enables enterprise WiFi features without the scalability issues of older architectures. And an innovative cognition plane automates WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting to optimize the WiFi user experience and minimize the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for network access and performance issues.

Simplicity Redefined

Centrally managing your WiFi network was never easier-from the planet to a packet! Whether you want to change a network configuration globally, physically locate a WiFi device, view real-time or historical experience of your WiFi users or capture and visualize a packet trace from a remote site, you can do all that from the palm of your hand, without leaving your desk.

Mission-critical Reliability

The standalone mode of Mojo APs ensures that you do not lose any functionality if connectivity to the cloud is lost. That means the WiFi network will continue to support your mission-critical applications and secure your airspace at all times. Automated disaster recovery and high-availability ensures that you do not experience noticeable cloud downtime in the event of a datacenter- or region-wide incidence.

Federal-grade Security

The Mojo Cloud implements multiple tiers of security-including strong access controls, two-factor authentication, regular vulnerability scanning and management, encryption of data in transit (TLS) and at rest (EBS and S3), and PII data privacy. The security measures in place are certified for ISO27001, SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type II, PCI, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria.

Seamless Scalability

With virtually unlimited and elastic availability of storage and compute resources, the Mojo cloud eliminates the artificial boundaries inherent in controller-based WLAN architectures. Naturally, it enables many innovative, previously unforeseen applications in big data analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing in the context of WiFi.

Third-party Integration

With Single Sign-On, powerful Web APIs, and secure tunneling, integrating the Mojo Cloud with third-party systems, in-cloud or on-premises, is easy. Both push and pull mechanisms are available. Using custom applications, you can pull WiFi analytics from the Mojo Cloud or push configuration and policy changes to it. You can also push WiFi analytics from the Mojo Cloud or directly from the Mojo APs to third-party Web services.

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