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FlowMon Probe provides a statistical data needed for monitoring and network security, troubleshooting, IP-Billing and accounting, capacity planning, users and application control e.t.c.

The Probes are high-performance appliances, which are providing detailed statistics on network communication in the form of IP flows (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX). These flow statistics provide detailed and accurate information about who communicates with whom, when, how long, how often, how much data has been sent and much more information from the L2 - L4 layers. This information is crucial to ensure network security, troubleshooting, network capacity planning, peering and SLA compliance, monitoring of users and devices.

Flowmon Probes do not affect network traffic in any way and overcome the limitations of generating flow data by routers and switches. Additionally, Flowmon Probes provide advanced application layer visibility (L7) which allows to monitor not only network performance, but also enhance user experience and optimize MS SQL database performance. Flow statistic are exported to storage for further analysis by a Flowmon Collector or other NetFlow/IPFIX compatible application. Thanks to its monitoring and packet capture capabilities, Flowmon Probe allows the resolving of up to 95% of all operational issues in the network.


  • Real-time network traffic monitoring and visibility
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Monitoring of users and services
  • Billing and invoicing, FUP control
  • Internet access supervision
  • Planning of network capacity and data lines
  • Peering and SLA compliance



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