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Flowmon Anomaly Detection System is a modern detection system of the network attacks,anomalies, advanced persistent threats and undesirable behavior in the network.

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a powerful network security tool providing engineers with dominance over modern threats. Utilizing sophisticated network behavior analysis, an advanced artificial intelligence based on machine learning, it permanently observes and analyses data communication seeking anomalies and revealing suspicious behavior.

Flowmon ADS is a comprehensive solution to reveal operational problems and keep a network secure. The main advantage over standard IDS systems and SNMP monitoring lies in the orientation on the overall behavior of devices in the network revealing suspicious behavior. This also enables a response to still unknown or specific threats for which the signature is not available.


  • Full-range of automatic detection methods.
  • Interactive visualization of events with detailed drill-down to the level of individual data transmissions.
  • Utilize predefined methods for detection of undesirable behavior patterns.
  • Delivers real-time monitoring of security and operational issues for both physical and virtual environments. 
  • Can be deployed  literally in every network. 
  • Flowmon ADS supports all flow data standards (NetFlow v5/v9, IPFIX, jFlow, NetStream), NBAR2, analysis of HTTP information, MAC addresses and VoIP attributes.



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