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Proofpoint Ranked Number 418 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2013 Technology Fast 500
Proofpoint a leading security-as-a-service provider, today announced it ranked 418 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.
Proofpoint стала 418-ой в рейтинге Deloitte Technology Fast 500 за 2013 год
Компания Proofpoint заняла почетное 418 место в рейтинге Deloitte Technology Fast 500* за 2013 год среди самых быстрорастущих технологических компаний Северной Америки.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection provides the tools to keep an organization safe from the malicious nature of targeted spear-phishing attacks and is a natural complement to any existing email security gateway.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection models normal email behavior in order to highlight anomalies that require additional scrutinizing, effectively neutralizing and responding to targeted attacks, because when it comes to malicious phishing attacks – every message matters.

Simply detecting threats is no longer sufficient in today’s world. A complete solution against targeted threats needs to be able to address messages even after they have been delivered to an end user. In addition, administrators need the visibility in order to clearly ascertain if they were able to block specific attacks or if remediation actions need to be taken. To address this, Targeted Attack Protection defends against threats with a full lifecycle strategy – Detect, Protect, Block, and Respond.


Anomalytics Service
One of the largest challenges in defending against targeted spear-phishing attacks is detecting the threats. Given the low-volume of these targeted spear-phishing messages, traditional solutions may not detect the presence of the attacks for some time, if at all. And because each and every phishing message has the potential to become the beachhead for attackers, every missed message represents a true and real threat to the security of an organization.

Proofpoint has taken a different approach to threat detection. Proofpoint’s Anomalytics Service leverages big data systems to identify targeted spear-phishing campaigns by modeling an organizations normal email patterns in order to spot emails that deviate from the norm – i.e., an anomaly.


URL Clicktime Defense Service
While malware may be delivered directly as an attachment to a phishing message, a more frequent tactic has been to drive recipients to click on a link where the resulting web page either automatically initiates a download or tricks the user to enter sensitive or private information. Users who click on these links may be doing so at home, the airport or a hotel, and not behind the corporate firewall, making standard web gateway solutions useless. To counter these attacks, the URL Clicktime Defense Service ensures that each time a user clicks on a link, the URL request is redirected to analysis by Proofpoint’s cloud – and that URL is analyzed in real-time before the user is allowed to proceed. Working in conjunction with Proofpoint’s Anomalytics Service, only suspicious URLs are redirected for the Clicktime Defense Service, giving organizations the ability to defend against targeted attacks even after an email has been delivered to the recipients inbox.


Malware Analysis Service
Legacy approaches to malware analysis relied heavily on a list of known signatures or by dynamically examining the file within an isolated virtual machine, commonly referred to as “sandboxing”. Unfortunately, polymorphic malware continuously changes its signature, easily defeating signature-based techniques. Remote and mobile users were generally bypassing these solutions as well. Proofpoint’s Malware Analysis Service utilizes anomalytics to identify suspicious files and immediately begins the process of analyzing the files in a sandbox for the hallmarks of a malware attack – all in the cloud – to ensure that when a user takes an action to download a file, it has already been inspected.


Threat Insight Service
Visibility into current threats is critical in mounting an effective response. Proofpoint’s Threat Insight Service dashboard enables organizations to answer a few critical questions.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection:



Anomalytics Service

Easily detect targeted attacks the very first time they appear.

URL Clicktime Defense Service 

Protect users, even when they are not behind the corporate firewall, with analysis of URLs at the time a user clicks on a link.

Malware Analysis Service

Block polymorphic malware that would be missed by traditional signature-based detection. 

Threat Insight Service 

Respond to threats quickly with a real-time view of attacks, who is being targeted and the status of each threat.


Comprehensive solution that covers multiple attack vectors

Provides visibility into attacks in real-time – for threat management as well as incident response

Leverages big data techniques to immediately identify when you are under attack and neutralize threats even if they have been delivered

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