Journalists’ researches, vendor analytics and headtechnology expert articles related to data protection, enterprise security, compliance and IT.

  • How to make use of log files

    Information circulating in the company, leaves traces. Security systems accurately collect gigabytes of data, stores them in the logs, and more...

  • Negligence e-mail can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Expert Comments

    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning Wednesday about a new twist on a long-running computer fraud technique, known as Automated Clearing House fraud. With ACH fraud, criminals install malicious software on a small business' computer and use it to log into the company's online bank account. They set up bogus fund transfers, adding fake employees or payees, and then move the money offshore. Comments of Russian Experts.

  • Oranta's endpoints are secured with Lumension

    Oranta National Joint Stock Insurance Company selected Lumension Device & Application Control for corporate endpoint security. The project for 500 endpoints and 20 servers lated for half a year, and after numerous competitive testings Lumension was selected as better value and optimal functionality.

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