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Trends in Business Messaging 2021

Communication is the most important aspect of the work of any business, and this applies not only to the relationship between employees and customers, but also to internal communication between colleagues.


In the past year, companies around the world have faced the need to transfer their staff to remote work.

For this, applications for instant messaging began to be used, with the help of which employees communicate in the virtual space with their colleagues, solve current problems, and also continue to communicate with customers.

But are applications ready for large-scale business use, and not just in everyday life?

As we can see from the latest news, such a popular and free messenger as WhatsApp does not guarantee the confidentiality of personal and corporate data. As such, it is important for companies to update their approach to IT security and implement an intuitive and secure enterprise messaging application.

Teamwire specialists will share what is happening with text communications today and what trends a business should pay attention to.

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