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Data Breaches. The threat is real

Is your organization prepared?


Although no data breach is alike, there are a number of similarities among the factors that can affect the ultimate cost to your company. The Ponemon Institute's Cost of a Data Breach study examines how data breaches impact businesses and explores ways to reduce the cost, should one strike.

Do you have an extra $3.86 million to spare?

That’s how much the average data breach will cost you.

Are you a United States company?

The average breach will cost you $7.91 million. The most globally.

How many records does your company store?

The average breach will cost you $148 per lost or stolen record.

Do you have an incident response plan?

You'll save more than $340,000 per breach on average, if you do.

Business continuity management is critical after a breach.

In fact it will save you more than $13 dollars per record breached.

If there were a straight highway around the world, you could travel across it in 21 days, but the average time to identify a data breach?

196 days

You’re more likely to experience a data breach (27.9%) of at least 10,000 records, than you are of catching the flu this winter.



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