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Headtechnology Group Signs Distribution Agreement with Teamwire

Enhances channel partners’ opportunities to bring innovative cyber security solutions to the market


June 8, 2018 – Headtechnology Group, a leading value-added global distributor that offers best-of-breed cyber security vendors who are technological leaders and recognized by the analysts like Gartner announced that the full portfolio of secure massaging apps from Teamwire are now available in the following regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Baltics, CIS, Central Asia and Turkey.

Teamwire is an enterprise messaging company that solves the WhatsApp problem of businesses, increases productivity and improves team communication in the messaging era.

It helps businesses in various industries to improve the internal communication, get things done, optimize the collaboration, accelerate workflows, increase the productivity and solve the Whatsapp problem.

Teamwire is available for Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac, and deployment as private cloud or on-premise solution.

Teamwire fully complies with strong European data protection and the GDPR, and is a completely encrypted solution.

"Security continues to be a high-growth, high-demand technology and Headtechnology is always looking to provide our customers with the latest solutions, as well as the tools and support they need to safeguard clients’ information and reputations,” said Vladimir Gretsyk, CEO, Headtechnology Group. “Email and many other messaging alternatives are actually not very secure. Teamwire offers a completely encrypted messaging solution for your organization in order to protect all confidential information.”

"Headtechnology is a value-added distributor with a great expertise in IT security and infrastructure.

We anticipate a lot of synergy in corporate accounts, providing customers with the unique opportunity to solve Watsapp problem of enterprises, to share any digital content required to facilitate internal communication, to send corporate messages directly and privately to ensure things are kept private and confidential as long as required. 
Today enterprises know that they require messaging services with much higher security standards to protect the communication specially after NSA leaks.

Teamwire offers a completely encrypted messaging solution for your organization in order to protect all confidential information.” mentioned Tobias Stepan Managing Director, Teamwire.

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