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GDPR regulation: tips from experts

On December 14, 2017 Headtechnology together with Santa Monica Networks It Security Company, Lithuania and the auspices of MobileIron Inc. hosted the Business Breakfast in Vilnius. Lithuania


The event aimed to gather together the key experts within information security market to discuss the GDPR related issues. The meeting featured round table discussions and live demo from MobieIron Inc.

The key topics of the meeting were as follows:

  1. How MobileIron helps in meeting GDPR requirements (encryption, private / business data separation, limited access, login, etc .) in the context of mobile devices.
  2. Discussing the above requirements based on the system architecture.

The event was attended by more than twenty customers form IT; telecom; financial and banking sectors, big industrial enterprises e.g. Avia Solutions Group, AB "Lifosa, UAB General Financing, ENSECCOE ESO, LT Euroapotheca and many others.

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