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  • The Oncoming Cyber Storm

    Criminals and hacking groups backed by nation-states are smart, savvy and sophisticated in their use of technology to inflict widespread damage. Winter is here.

  • Why a Medical Device Security Risk is a Patient Safety Risk

    The task of keeping medical devices – and their users – safe from harm is getting more complicated as the industry seeks to navigate between conflicting priorities.

  • 5 Things in Cyber Security We Won’t Be Able to Avoid in 2018

    Last year cyber attacks also caused more financial damage than in all previous years. The Danish conglomerate Maersk, operating in maritime and container transport, lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of the NotPetya ransomware, as did Saint Gobal. Reckitt Benckiser, the producer of brands such as Calgon, Air Wick, Cilit Bang, Durex and Vanish, put a figure on their loss to be roughly 136 million USD. 

  • Got a New Mobile Device? Here are Five Ways to Protect It

    The chances are good that you or someone in your family got a new mobile device this holiday season. For most of us, our mobile devices, loaded with our photos, videos, email, banking information, and even health data, quickly become more personal than our wallets. As a result, they are also increasingly becoming attractive hacking targets. Here are five suggestions to secure your new mobile device and protect your personal information.

  • Three Questions You Must Resolve Before GDPR

    The countdown has begun so before GDPR takes effect this spring, here are a few tips to ensure that your data protection plans comply with the new regulations.

  • Privacy Laws: Who Owns Personal Data?

    Who owns your data, and what privacy laws govern it? Well, that depends on where you live. If you own it, you should have control over it. If you don’t own it, how secure is it?

  • True or False: In 3 years, more than 25% of identified healthcare attacks will involve the IoT?

    Per a new Gartner Research Note, by 2020 more than 25 percent of identified attacks in healthcare organizations will involve the Internet of Things (IoT).

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