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  • How Can Companies And Individuals Best Protect Themselves Against Cybercrime?

    Here’s the thing – if a data breach has occurred, it’s already too late.

  • NASCIO CIO Top Priorities in a Zero Trust World

    Many state CIOs are struggling to manage the onslaught of priorities that are captured in the NASCIO Top 10 Policy and Technology Priorities for 2019, ranging from enabling cloud services to the digital government to IT governance.

  • Security vs. attackers: who’s winning the race?

    Official statistics from DCMS’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey paint a relatively bright picture for enterprise security in the UK, with the proportion of UK organisations being hit by cyber-attacks and data breaches dropping in the past year from 43 per cent to 32 per cent.

  • A bold new vision requires a bold new brand

    A company’s brand is never “done.” Just as mobile technology and the needs of our customers continually evolve, so does our brand promise. Since our founding in 2007, MobileIron has always worked to grow as a company and embrace where the industry is today — all while continuing to lead it.

  • Webinar for TEAMWIRE Solutions

    Dear partners!
    We would like to invite you to a webinar for TEAMWIRE Solutions.

  • Open Cloud Networking-Redefined

    Networking vendors have long touted distinct routers and switches with different LAN/WAN interfaces for different customer use cases. After three decades of evolution, Ethernet now truly addresses all aspects of the present state and the next generation of networking, making it possible to support these previously separate use cases from a single common platform, which flexibly incorporates new capabilities in an open, standards-based approach.

  • Five Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Fight Financial Fraud

    One of banking’s biggest challenges is to minimize the number of false positives being generated, thereby saving time, money, and avoiding needlessly frustrating customers.

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