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  • Security flaws expose data on 419 million Facebook users

    An unprotected directory containing approximately 419 million Facebook user IDs and phone numbers has roiled the security community. TechCrunch reporter Zach Whittaker broke the news Sept. 4, 2019, in a post titled, “A huge database of Facebook users found online.” Whittaker and other security analysts criticize Facebook for unwittingly exposing user credentials to hackers.

  • LogPoint: The journey to Modern SIEM

    While the origins of LogPoint traces back to 2003, the company didn’t emerge as LogPoint until 2012. Through a technological and organizational metamorphosis, LogPoint has evolved into a leading provider of Modern Security Informaton Event Management. And the journey continues.

  • Matrix42 Joins Headtechnology Group

    Dear friends, we are pleased to announce the replenishment in the family of the Headtechnology Group! The big system integrator Matrix42 has joined our team.

  • Google Will Now Pay Anyone Who Reports Apps Abusing Users' Data

    In the wake of data abuse scandals and several instances of malware app being discovered on the Play Store, Google today expanded its bug bounty program to beef up the security of Android apps and Chrome extensions distributed through its platform.

  • Headlight Moscow 2019

    Дорогие друзья! Рады сообщить, что 1 октября состоялась конференция Headlight Moscow 2019 в гостинице Hilton Ленинградская.  

  • Why vendor security matters to your bank

    Today’s fraudsters may choose to attack a community bank’s digital platforms or physical branches and ATMs. But what happens when a cybersecurity vendor isn’t well versed in physical security, or vice versa?

  • How Current Cybersecurity Issues Can Affect Future Profitability

    Fallout from Equifax’s 2017 data breach continues to impact the company even years later. Moody’s Investor Service, a bond credit rating business, lowered Equifax’s rating outlook from stable to negative, which indicates a higher likelihood of a rating change over the medium term. While ratings outlooks are nothing new, it is significant that a data breach and the consequences of such are a contributing factor to the rating outlook.

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